What Should I Wear?

As we head into the winter months the temperatures will be dropping and the weather may be getting a bit wetter, so its important to make sure your wearing the correct clothing for when you take part in any of our events. Make sure your wearing layers of clothing that you can easily remove as you warm up, it may be a good idea to wear a lightweight waterproof under your coveralls if it is raining heavily when you play .  Shoes should be sensible and appropriate for the weather conditions. Your best training shoes and high heals are a not the best things to wear for a days activity in the woodland, old trainers, boots, or if it has been wet Wellington boots are a good idea especially for the younger player. Gloves are also a good idea as your hands will be exposed and get cold during the lower temperatures and their is nothing worse than getting shot on the hand when its freezing cold.

So wrap up warm and wear the correct footwear and you will be all set for a great day out at NPF Bassetts pole.

winter warefare

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