DW 2014 Comes To An End

So as the dust and smoke settles on the battlefield,  Diamond Wars 2014 comes to a triumphant end. This season saw the balance of power swing from the side of the HMC to the side of the USDE. With the HMC taking the spoils of battle early on in the season only for the USDE to get themselves not only back in the fight  to not only dominate at Paintfest but also at the Halloween cup taking the 2014 series title away from the HMC in some style, but is the pendulum about to swing back in the direction of the HMC at the start of 2015?The final battle of 2014 saw a very even contest between 2 very evenly matched sides who at the end of the day had very little to choose from in terms of playing ability and tactics, with only a very short off season before battle commences in 2015  on 25th January we will not have long to wait until we find out who is going to take home the spoils from the first battle.

hmc usde

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