Team Building Activity

go team

Have a group of staff and are looking to increase their performance then pretty soon they will be able to participate in some of our new Team Building activities here at NPF. Our range of activities will be taking place on our clean all weather Astro Turf arena. The activities will be a selection of physical and mental challenges tailored to meet your groups needs and what … [Read more...]


Pay day

What are you going to spend your hard earned £ on this year. With the first pay packet of 2015 just a day or so away are you going to spend it, or are you going to pay off some Christmas bills? You could treat yourself to some shiny new Paintball equipment from our on site pro shop, or you could get down and dirty on some of our new quad bikes, or get together with your … [Read more...]

Base Camp Refurbishment

NPF dining area

As the year comes to a close down at NPF Bassetts pole our staff are hard at work with an extensive refurbishment program to the main base camp area, with new solid oak tables and a new wood burning stove installed in the player dinning area, and with new benches and tables in the main base camp area and a new central fire the base camp are will be a great place to start your … [Read more...]

NPF Bassetts Pole Paintball Shop


Looking for some new Paintball equipment ? Take a look at the great deals and offers in the NPF Bassetts Pole shop. With both an on line store and an on site Pro shop we have got you covered, whether your after the latest equipment for yourself or looking at a gift for someone else then talk to the knowledgeable and friendly staff  who will be happy to help and advise you on … [Read more...]

Out With The Old In With The New

NPF dining area

As part of our never ending on site improvement and modification program our covered dining area is undergoing a revamp. The area has been expanded out with the old VIP area being absorbed into the new dining area, gone are the old picnic tables and in are some rather swanky looking rustic tables and benches that our construction team have been busily fabricating over the past … [Read more...]

New Fat Boy Pot Colours?

Fat Boy Pots

We have been running evaluation trials on some new colours for our Fat Boy Pot range. We have 3 possible new colours, Candy Pink, Pearlescent Pink, and Glitter Purple. These are just at the sample stage for evaluation and other than the box of samples are not yet in production. Let us know what colour is your favourite in the comments section below. … [Read more...]

And The Winner Is?

Winner-logo PMS

So once the coins had been carted to the bank and weighed in the bottle contained £325.02 ignoring any foreign money, so the closest guess was £210.00 and was by Matthew Knott. From the looks of things you guys have never saved any money in a bottle or jar before! So Matthew has won himself a nice £75 to spend on equipment in the NPF Pro Shop or online store. … [Read more...]

What Loader Should I Buy

Empire Scion

  You have multiple options when it comes to choosing what loader to purchase to go with your marker? I can run through a few of these options for you as this may help you decide what loader is going to be best for your marker. If you’re looking for a basic gravity fed none powered loader then the best option is the Primo Loader from DYE, this basic loader features … [Read more...]

WIN £75 To Spend At The NPF Shop

Blog contest

WIN £75 to spend on Equipment in the NPF Shop For the past 12 months I have been saving all my pennies and lose change, at the end of each day emptying my pockets putting any spare change it in a big old Whiskey bottle. The time has come for me to cash in all the pennies in the Whiskey bottle at the bank. The question is how much is in the bottle? For your chance to win … [Read more...]