2 Battles Remaining

With just the October and November battles remaining in the Diamond Wars calender for 2014 the USDE have cruised out into a comfortable lead over the HMC.  With the USDE having already taken the Paintfest 2014 title they are now looking for the Triple Crown, the clean sweep of the Halloween cup and the overall series title for 2014 to sit along with the Paintfest title for 2014. With HMC taking the roll of the Zombies at the Halloween Cup this year they are looking to regroup and hit back hard at the USDE who are looking strong for a clean sweep in 2014. Time will tell if the HMC can make a comeback at the end of the year and make a fight of it for the Halloween Cup and the overall season title for 2014 .  Both the HMC and the USDE are always looking for new recruits and re enforcements to bolster their numbers and to inflict damage to their opponents, so if you fancy joining either of the sides contact us here at the Diamond Wars Battle HQ  on 0121 3231000 and we can direct you to the right contact for each team.

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